8 November 2016: A Tale of Two Days

ashlandOn Tuesday morning I was walking the last block to my office and reflecting on how it was both election day and the anniversary of Dorothy Day’s birth – and trying to find some connection between the two – when I saw this guy lying in the middle of Ashland Avenue, a major four-lane, north-south street that traverses the entire length of the west side of Chicago.

I recognized the guy immediately and realized that he wasn’t an accident victim – he was there on purpose. I may have audibly groaned.

My first gut reaction, I’m ashamed to say, was to walk away. A driver had stopped to help him. I’m sure someone else has called the police. They don’t need me.

But I shut off my brain and dragged my feet out into the middle of the street. I had seen this guy before doing this same thing. I was later reminded that his name is Antwan. He lies down in the street and asks for money. He says he won’t leave until someone gives it to him. That morning he was asking for “$20 so I can go to Joliet.” He repeated the request over and over and over.

The driver and I asked Antwan to get up, he was going to get hurt or killed. He repeated his request for money. I told him I wasn’t going to give him money but I could suggest some places where he could get other kinds of help. He refused to budge. Meanwhile cars and vans and semis were speeding around us, furious at the traffic tie-up during morning rush hour.

Antwan is a young man, not even thirty. He has the face of a child. His eyes have a look of fear and innocence and confusion. Finally I told him I was calling 911 because his safety and the safety of others were at risk. I grimaced, remembering Dorothy Day’s birthday and realizing that the last thing she would have done was call the authorities to “fix” this “problem.”

But the police did arrive and I finally did walk away. Fortunately, the officer was patient and kind and helpful. He convinced Antwan to get up and offered him a ride somewhere to get help. Antwan refused and walked away.


2 thoughts on “8 November 2016: A Tale of Two Days

  1. A sad story. I’m somewhat unclear about your choice of caption for the post. That poor man is most likely dealing with mental health issues as well. Also there are so many social determinants of health such as his poverty, perhaps lack of education and training, no housing or poor housing, lack of family, lack of medical and dental care, lack of mental health care, and perhaps a host of other reasons that has made him like that.

    Regards, Simmi D. Isaac (sent from my iPad)


    • Thanks for your analysis! Our safety net in Illinois is suffering because our governor and state legislature are battling over spending and spending cuts. We haven’t had a state budget for 16 months. It’s hurting social services big time. As for the caption, I was trying to connect (loosely) Dorothy Day and election day – this incident took place on November 8, the anniversary of her birth and the day we selected a president.

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