Late Winter along the Des Plaines River in Northern Illinois

Today I spent a few hours with my youngest son at the River Trail Nature Center in Northbrook, Illinois, on the banks of the Des Plaines River.

The indoor part of the center has a few snakes and turtles for visitors to observe¬†as well as many educational displays about the natural world and caring for the environment. It’s a simple place but has a certain charm.

Outdoors one can see enclosures with birds of prey and a coyote. (Signs explain that all the live animals have been injured or sick and would not survive in the wild.)  We happened to catch feeding time when the staff interact extensively with visitors Рgreat learning experience!

i didn’t see any non-caged wildlife other than an abundance of birds. There is a great diversity of avian visitors flitting around the feeders at the center: chickadees, woodpeckers, cardinals, inter alia.


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