273/365 POTD

North Avenue beach, Chicago, early autumn.



6 thoughts on “273/365 POTD

    • Thank you! It’s hard to identify that person in the distance but I don’t think it was my wife. (Although she works just two blocks away and maybe had stolen away to the beach to fly a kite.)

      • The waves and the gulls and the standing water were the things I noticed first. Only after a couple snaps did I notice the person and the kite. And then I realized I should incorporate her into the photo. Maybe the kite is anchored to the ground and she is taking a photo of it?

      • Funny how our eye is drawn to different things. I can assure you if it is a nature scene and if there is a human form in the landscape my eye will always be drawn to the human form before I can even appreciate any element of nature.

        In this case, upon closer view, I doubt that is a camera. I think it is the kite that she is holding in her hand. It might even be a boy.

        Regards, Simmi D. Isaac (Sent from my iPhone)


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