189/365 POTD

Mama Mallard and her babies in the very weedy and murky waters of Lake Monona in Madison last Saturday.DSC_0124


9 thoughts on “189/365 POTD

  1. Well, I could don the mantle of POTD Protocol Police without much effort, but even if I were to do that, rest assured, I would always err on the side of leniency. 🙂

    That said, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on the matter of photos doing double-duty. In the event that one is active on multiple social-media platforms, I would say it is good personal practice to establish which of the platforms is your “primary” one. In my case, it is my blog, meaning I see to it that fresh and original content is posted there first before it appears elsewhere. Once there, it makes its way to at least seven other platforms. I would adhere to this rule of thumb particularly with a POTD project because I would not wish to give my POTD viewers (loyal as they are over a 365-day period or even longer in some cases!) the feeling that they are seeing a POTD that may not be exclusive for that project. I would feel like I am cheating my audience in allowing them to have first viewed it elsewhere five days ago and then present it as fresh content on the POTD. Old may be gold, but fresh is fresh!

    I trust this helps.

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