120/365 POTD

Afternoon nap, West Side, Chicago….DSC_0783


119/365 POTD

“So, we’ve been commissioned to create a public statue of Louis Pasteur… how should we portray the ‘Father of Microbiology’ – bold and visionary?”

“Nah, I say gloomy and pessimistic”

“Okay, let’s get to work!”DSC_0776

116/365 POTD

Although I rarely see Blue-winged Teal, I happened to spot one both yesterday and today, on two different bodies of water. In each case it was an individual Teal hanging out with a Mallard, dipping their heads under water to find food. This is a photo of today’s Teal, on Salt Creek just above Graue Mill dam in DuPage County, Illinois.DSC_0756