Ending the Year at Epcot

IMG_7193I’m going to assume that Epcot Center at Disney World was cutting-edge and relevant when it opened in 1982. But much of it seems dated and quaint nowadays.

Growing vegetables vertically? Recycling to save our planet? We’re really pushing the envelope here.

IMG_7189While I’m a cynic on the technology side of Epcot, I do love the World Showcase half of the park. The displays for eleven countries are like an ongoing World’s Fair, with representative buildings beautifully arranged around a central lake.

Yes, the highlighted countries are rather Euro-centric and stereotypes and traditional costumes abound. But it’s great fun: the music and pageantry are fantastic and the food varied and delicious.

My family visited Epcot on the last day of 2014 and the park was much more crowded than it had been on two previous visits. The scheduled fireworks displays for New Year’s Eve seemed to have been the big draw. IMG_7208IMG_7209IMG_7202IMG_7199IMG_7195IMG_7187IMG_7185


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