Ping Tom Memorial Park: Green Space in Chicago’s Chinatown

imageI used to consider it a hidden gem but every time I go to Ping Tom Park in the Chinatown neighborhood on Chicago’s near south side I see more and more people there.

A 17-acre park along the South Branch of the Chicago River, Ping Tom combines some diverse contrasts: lovely green landscaping, “Asian-inspired” architecture, the very urban river, and even more urban remnants of the area’s industrial past.

imageOne walks across train tracks to enter the park and then is greeted by flowers, evergreens, and willow trees on a beautifully green lawn. A pagoda-style shelter hugs the concrete banks of the river, while paths lead south toward Chinatown proper and north under the 18th street bridge to more park and a canoe and kayak rental facility.

The views of Chicago’s downtown skyline are stunning but the sight of the old warehouses and black-steeled railroad bridges has its own gritty appeal as well.

Ping Tom is located at 18th and Wentworth – perfect for a walk before or after a meal in Chinatown.



One thought on “Ping Tom Memorial Park: Green Space in Chicago’s Chinatown

  1. I enjoyed very much your descriptions of this apparent gem within your fair city. Many thanks for the continuing education on the very many diverse communities and locations there.

    And as a sidebar, if you don’t mind, may I suggest embedding your photos in a large size (one has the option to choose size while inserting media into post) so as to allow your reader a quick and easy view of what are evidently great shots.

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